Nest Aware Subscription

The primary benefit of a Nest Aware subscription is extended recording history. By default, Nest cameras record just three hours of event history, an “event” being a short clip triggered by sound or motion. That’s good enough if you’re awake and within quick reach of your phone, but not for incidents recorded overnight or while you’re away on a trip.

The standard Aware subscription extends event history to 30 days. An upgrade tier, Nest Aware Plus, stretches this out to 60 days and adds 10 days of continuous video history if you need to see more footage. Just realize that not all Nest cameras support continuous recording, the main restriction being anything battery-powered.

The next biggest benefit is familiar face detection. While the latest Nest Cams and Doorbells can distinguish between people, packages, animals, and vehicles using onboard AI, triggering appropriate notifications, Aware subscribers can teach their cameras to recognize individual friends and family. So instead of getting an alert that a “person” is at the door, you’ll be told if it’s, say, Roger, Lakesha, or Stephanie.

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